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On the surface, Keith is just an average dude. He works a boring job, likes to play basketball at the gym with his friends, is a bit of a pot head, and just likes what he likes. Underneath his relaxed demeanor, however, is a man longing to be known and…

Your healthiness is hurting the people around you. That’s right, you being a healthy individual from the perspective of having your life in order, operating within some level of peace, and just being happy — is potentially having a negative impact on the people around you. …

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It was a Friday night, and I, was, horny. I had a long week at work and my boss Jerry just finished getting on my last good nerve about a report that we both knew was perfect. I honestly think that he just wants to get in my pants, but…


Kenneth Wyche is an Author, Life Coach, and Lifestyle Blogger. Ken’s Corner publishes content that is intimate and engaging. For more from Ken:

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